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Psychotherapy, Tinnitus Counselling, Cranio-sacral Therapy and Tinnitus Relief Products

We are a therapy practice providing tinnitus relief therapies and tinnitus relief products. We take a somatic, psychological and practical approach to managing and tinnitus habituation. We provide tinnitus therapies in Hertfordshire and London

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Tinnitius Retraining Therapy


We offer Tinnitus Counselling in London & Hertfordshire. We take a psychological and somatic approach to helping with tinnitus difficulties.

Tinnitus counselling will help to support you, educate you on the best ways to manage tinnitus as well ways to reduce tinnitus symptoms. Getting specialist help increases the likelihood of a speedy recovery from problematic tinnitus. 

We also work with The Trauma Practice who specialise in Trauma Therapy for Trauma Associated Tinnitus.

We are here and happy to help!


Cranio-sacral Therapy is a gentle form of osteopathy. CST helps with tinnitus by calming the nervous system, improving energetic flow around the temporal bones and throughout the body. 

CST can help reduce tinnitus symptoms, help you to relax with or without tinnitus, release trauma held in the body and restore you to a state of homeostasis. 

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Tinnitus Sound Therapy can be used as a way of helping to reduce intrusive tinnitus symptoms.

We use tinnitus sound therapy as a complement to our Tinnitus Counselling and Cranio-sacral Therapy. 

We have Tinnitus Maskers and White Noise Machines


Problematic Tinnitus can be scary. Understanding your difficulty and gaining insight into your situation can play a big role in your tinnitus recovery.

There is lots of misinformation about tinnitus on the internet. We aim to provide practical help for you to help you with tinnitus to help you get better. We will be expanding this resource over the coming months.

Please take a look at our Tinnitus Articles.  

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