Oasis Pillow Speakers


  • High quality stereo sound
  • Ultra-thin for sleep comfort
  • Inline volume control
  • Noise emits to the whole pillow area
  • Extra long chord 185.5 cm’s
  • Compatible with TV, CD player, iPad or iPod
  • Compatible with all of our white noise machine products
  • Provides discreet listening


These oasis pillow speakers can be placed under your pillow, so you can listen to your favourite sounds when you are going to sleep. that you can listen to your white noise sound machine or favourite music when you are going to sleep.

enable you to use your pillow to listen to your white noise machine or nature sounds. You can plug them into any of our white noise bedside machines.

Pillow speakers specification

Key Features

  • High quality stereo sound
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Pillow speakers with inline volume control
  • Two speakers mean you can spread the sound to the whole pillow
  • 185.5 cm chord
  • 3.5 mm speaker/headphone jack
  • Compatible with any machine which has 3.5 mm output
  • Compatible with all of our white noise machine products
  • Privacy so you don’t disturb your sleeping partner
  • Uses the power from the device you plug it into
  • Output of the speakers is 4 ohms 2-watts

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Pillow speakers benefits

Tinnitus & Sleep Benefits

 Night time can be a difficult for tinnitus sufferers. This is because it is quiet and there is no background noise. It is also because we are not being distracted by our other senses. Focus naturally falls on our hearing function because this is the only one that we might naturally use even at night time.

The pillow speakers are a great option for providing discreet noise when you are in bed trying to sleep. They have an input jack that which can be connected to a multitude of devices so that you can listen to white noise, nature sounds or your favourite music.

Using white noise to mask tinnitus can reduce the negative impact of tinnitus and provide relief whilst you sleep. Because the pillow speakers sit under the pillow you are the only one who can hear the noise through the pillow. This means that your partner can sleep without being disturbed.

Using pillow speakers is a less direct approach than a tinnitus masker. If you are well on your way to tinnitus habituation and have been using a tinnitus masker these pillow speakers can be a nice step down away from a tinnitus masker.

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