I set up Tinnitus Hearing Solutions in 2014 with the aim of helping people with tinnitus. 

Our Tinnitus Counselling and Tinnitus therapies are available in London Paddington and Potters Bar Hertfordshire. 

We offer Psychological help, Somatic help and Tinnitus Sound Therapy.

Psychological help includes Tinnitus Counselling, Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy.

 Somatic help includes Cranio-sacral Therapy Reiki and Body Psychotherapy.

Difficulties with tinnitus or problematic tinnitus are caused by our psychological and somatic reaction to tinnitus rather than the tinnitus itself. Calming the mind and the body greatly improves life with tinnitus and in many cases reduces tinnitus symptoms.

This approach will enable you to start doing the right things for yourself to help you move towards tinnitus habituation. This means you will not be aware of tinnitus symptoms most of the time and if you do become aware of tinnitus symptoms you will no longer have a negative reaction to it.

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