Rain Storm Download


  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for relaxation
  • Used to destress
  • Used as a distraction away from tinnitus

Preview Track


This is a thunderstorm and rain download. It is 1 hour long. It  could be used to help you feel warm and snug when you are at home. Different people have different responses to rain storm sounds. For some it is relaxing and for others it can be a little scary.

Affinity with nature

Listening to rain storm sounds can remind us of the power of nature and humbles us. We might feel a little less like we are at the centre of the universe. Thunderstorm and rain sounds can remind us that we are all connected in our experiences of our planet. This connectedness can bring a sense of well being and gratitude into our lives and help us become more connected to ourselves. It is this connection with our bodies which helps to give us a sense of self and enables us to

Tinnitus Benefits

Using a rain storm sounds can help you relax and destress. Stress is a contributory factor with regard to tinnitus symptoms and tinnitus symptoms can cause stress. Finding a way to relax with music or sound therapy can help to reduce the impact of tinnitus.

Using this storm rain download can also help to distract your attention away from your tinnitus sensation. This means that you focus on it less and give yourself a rest bite. Using nature is a great way of switching focus whether it is a walk in the countryside or listening to nature sounds like this storm rain download.

Not everyone will find this rain storm download relaxing but have a listen to the preview or find one of our alternative more relaxing sounds to listen to. Finding a couple of different tracks to add to your tinnitus sound therapy collection means you can vary your listening so that you stay focused on it. We hope you enjoy this storm rain download.

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