White Noise Download 6K

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  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for tinnitus masking
  • Can be used as part of tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Can help concentration
  • Can help to reduce stress
  • Can help babies sleep

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6K white noise sounds are recorded at a slightly higher pitch than the standard white noise  and the 4K white noise downloads.  This is a white noise audio download which you can download to your MP3 device or iPad, iPod or your computer. It can help you to destress during a difficult day or unwind at the end of it.

 What are White Noise Sounds?

 White noise sounds are made up of all of the frequencies of the sound spectrum. When we listen, we hear higher sound frequencies over lower ones. This is why white noise sounds are heard at a higher pitched frequency than other types of coloured sound. Because white noise sounds are heard at a higher pitch than other sounds it makes it one of the most appropriate types of sound for high pitched tinnitus masking.

White Noise Sounds for Tinnitus Masking

 A key tinnitus management tool uses white noise sounds to cover or mask the sounds of tinnitus. This can help you to relax and provide tinnitus relief. Tinnitus masking or partial tinnitus masking is sometimes used as part of tinnitus retraining therapy. This helps you to habituate to tinnitus because the tinnitus stimulus becomes less intrusive.

White Noise Sounds for Sleep

 White noise sounds are the most common type of sound used as a sleep aid for tinnitus sufferers. As explained it is heard at a higher pitch than other types of noise making it an ideal choice for covering over a tinnitus sound when in quiet environments. We use our hearing sense more than any other when we are sleeping to alert us to possible dangers of threats. Because of this auditory focus and the lack of other environmental sound can make tinnitus symptoms seem worse. Using white noise sounds can alleviate the difficulties one might have with

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1 review for White Noise Download 6K

  1. 5 out of 5


    Finally, found probably the best white noise audio sample . Really calming and huge relief. Recommend to anyone with tinnitus problem.

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