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  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for relaxation
  • Used to destress
  • Used as a distraction away from tinnitus

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This is a stream sounds MP3 download which is 1 hour long. You can download it to your smart phone or MP3 player so that you can use it when you are on the move. Our nature sounds are real life nature recordings giving them an authenticity which surpasses computer generated simulations.

You can use this stream sounds download to relax and calm down. Listening to stream sounds gives us a soft focus which calms the mind and balances the body. In today’s modernised world we are bombarded with a wealth of information all of the time. Taking some time out to listen to a simple relaxing sound of a stream gives the mind a rest and ability to focus in a different way.

Tinnitus Benefits

Stress can be a contributing factor to the onset of tinnitus and can also be experienced as a result of tinnitus. Listening to a calming nature sound helps to alleviate stress and enable you to relax.

Our stream soundsMP3 download is a mid-range pitched sound. It is not too high or low. Tinnitus sounds vary considerably in nature so if this at about the same pitch as your tinnitus you could use it as a tinnitus masking solution or use it as part of your tinnitus sound therapy.

Calms the nervous system

Listening to a constant calming soothing sound tells the nervous system that the body is able to relax. There is no imminent threat and you are safe. Sounds which break a silence that are of a higher pitched nature signal a danger and make us more alert. The opposite of the calming effect of our stream sounds.

The calming effect of water

Water as an element is associated with its soothing and calming effects. Think about how you feel when you sit next to it or hear it flowing or coming in and out at the beach. We feel more relaxed after a bath, shower or swim. This is due to our affiliation with it but also its feel on our bodies and the sound it makes when it flows or we splash around in it.


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