White Noise Download 4K


  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for tinnitus masking
  • Can be used for tinnitus sound therapy
  • Can help concentration
  • Can help to reduce stress
  • Can help babies sleep

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This 4K white noise download is a white noise sound which is slightly higher in pitch than our standard white noise MP3 download. A white noise download is versatile because you are able to control how and when you use them on your own MP3 device, iPod, iPad or computer. You can use it for relaxation, tinnitus masking and tinnitus sound enrichment.

White Noise Explained

When we hear we use the apparatus of the outer, middle and inner ear. However, we decide what we have heard in the brain. When we hear noise, our brain prioritises high frequencies over low ones. White noise contains all frequencies in the sound spectrum, but we hear more of the higher pitched frequencies than the lower ones. This is why white noise is heard at a higher pitched level than the other types of coloured noise. If you experience tinnitus as a high-pitched ringing this slightly higher pitched download can help to provide tinnitus relief.

White Noise Download for Tinnitus Masking

 Tinnitus masking refers to the process of covering or masking a tinnitus sound with another noise. In this case white noise. Having a more pleasant sound to listen to listen to instead of your tinnitus can help you to relax and unwind.

 White Noise Download for Sleep

Using this white noise download as a sleep aid can help you get a peaceful relaxing good night’s sleep. Using a more pleasant noise to mask tinnitus enables you to feel more relaxed and can help to calm your nervous system. Our ability to handle stress caused by tinnitus is closely linked to sleep. Getting the rest we need helps with our ability to handle stress. Using a white noise download or tinnitus masker can help you with sleep and therefore help with your ability to handle stress.

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