Puretone MM2 White Noise Generator

4.33 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)


  • Smooth white noise sound Shhhh….
  • Maximum sound output 60dB
  • Fits into the ear canal
  • Contoured for maximum comfort
  • Fully vented
  • Volume control
  • Versatility: Fits left or right ear
  • Battery type 10

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3 reviews for Puretone MM2 White Noise Generator

  1. 5 out of 5

    James Hughs

    I love this product. It fits into my ear canal easily and after a while i forget that it is there. It provides a soothing white noise which drowns out the annoying sound of my tinnitus. It is easy to use and i am really happy with it. Thank you!

  2. 4 out of 5

    James P

    This product does the job. I already have a behind the ear masker which i use in bed because it is comfortable. I wanted something that was a bit more subtle for wearing when I’m at work or out and about. This sits inside the ear which makes it more subtle to wear than my other masker. When you first put it in it takes a bit of getting used to but it enables me to get on with my life without having to worry about tinnitus. Thanks James

  3. 4 out of 5

    Sarah H

    I was going mad with the high pitched ringing in my ear after a car accident. I was walking around everywhere with my MP3 player to stop the noise. I needed something that was more discreet and practical. This device is perfect for my needs and helps me to relax again.

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The MM2 is an in ear tinnitus masker. It emits a continuous white noise which is ideal for high pitched tinnitus masking. The MM2 in ear tinnitus masker is discrete and can be used whilst on the move, at work or at home. You can use to for tinnitus sound therapy or tinnitus retraining therapy. The MM2 is a slightly different shape to the other maskers. This means that it doesn’t go as far into the ear canal which for some makes it more comfortable. The discreteness the MM2 provides enables you to get on with your daily life without having to worry about tinnitus. This in ear masker is a stand alone product and is not used in conjunction with any other device.

MM2 in ear tinnitus masker specification


  • In ear tinnitus masker
  • Battery tray & fingernail notch
  • Vented so you can still hear sound in your environment
  • Sound outlet
  • On/off switch
  • Adjustable volume control


  • Casing length 1.8 cm
  • Round top diameter 1.2 cm
  • Era canal insertable width 0.6 cm

Battery Type

  • 10


  • Tinnitus masker
  • Travel box

MM2 in ear tinnitus masker benefits

Using an in ear tinnitus masker provides a number of benefits for tinnitus including: relaxation, sleep, tinnitus sound enrichment and tinnitus retraining therapy.

Tinnitus Sound Enrichment

This tinnitus in ear masker enables you to relax with the sound of white noise as opposed to tinnitus. White noise is easy to process for the brain enabling you to relax and chill out.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

This in ear tinnitus masker has an adjustable volume control allowing for sound output flexibility. This means you can use it for partial tinnitus masking or complete tinnitus masking to retrain the way you respond to your tinnitus. This ear masker can provide excellent sound therapy for tinnitus as well as part of your tinnitus retraining therapy solution.

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