Pink Noise Download


  • 1 Hour Long
  • Pink noise MP3
  • Used for tinnitus masking
  • Used for tinnitus sound therapy
  • Help with concentration
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps babies sleep

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This is a one hour long pink noise MP3 download. You can download this pink noise audio to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 device or computer. Having some pink noise to relieve tinnitus symptoms when you are in bed or on the go is very useful. It is one of the most smoothing and relaxing types of coloured noise because it is modified so that you hear all of the frequencies equally.

What is Pink Noise?

When we hear noise the higher frequencies tend to drown out the lower ones which is why when we listen to white noise we only hear the higher frequencies. Pink noise balances all of the frequencies so that we hear all of the frequencies evenly. It does this by dampening the higher frequencies taking into account the way we hear. This means that the sound is deeper and softer than white noise. It is similar to listening to rainfall sounds.

Pink Noise MP3 for Tinnitus Masking

Using a pink noise MP3 for tinnitus masking is a good choice when it comes to music cooler choice. Pink noise is smoother than white noise making it more pleasant to listen to than some of the other coloured noise choices. Masking tinnitus can help you to relax and provide tinnitus relief if you are feeling stressed.

Pink Noise MP3 for Sleep

Simple sounds like pink noise are pleasant for the mind and body. Pink noise can help to reduce brain activity which is particularly helpful when falling asleep at night. Sleeping with the sound of tinnitus in a quiet environment can be difficult. Using a pink noise MP3 download can help fill this quiet space with a clear, smooth sound to help you relax and sleep. Using a blanket of pink noise helps to cover up annoying sounds coming from inside or outside the home. These are the types of sounds which wake us in the middle of the night. Getting back to sleep with tinnitus can be difficult without a smooth pink noise MP3 download.


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