Ocean Waves Download


  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for relaxation
  • Used to destress
  • Used as a distraction away from tinnitus

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This is an ocean waves download MP3. It is 1 hour long and if you close your eyes it will make you feel like you are sitting on the beach as if you were on holiday. Listening to sounds of the ocean wavesis peaceful and calming. The sounds of ocean waves provide a soft focus much like concentrating on the breath in meditation. It enables our minds to switch down a gear, so we can achieve a meditative type state. In this type of state, we can experience less stress and anxiety as well as mental clarity. In effect it balances the body and calms the mind.

Tinnitus Benefits

Two of the benefits of listening to nature sounds if you have tinnitus is that it provides distraction and relaxation. Relaxing with nature sounds calms the mind and the bodies nervous system. Distracting attention away from tinnitus stops you from focusing as much on it giving you a rest from the tinnitus sound and possible negative thoughts associated with it. Using distraction and relaxation together can have a transformational effect.

Calms the nervous system

The never-ending sound of large ocean waves can feel hypnotic enabling us to experience nature. Listening to nature sounds calms the body activating our parasympathetic nervous system enabling us to relax. One of the defences for tinnitus is to move out of the body because it can feel unsafe. One can get lost in the theatre of the mind. Listening to an ocean waves MP3 download can help you to return back into your body in a calm and gentle way.

Why is the sound of ocean waves so calming?

There a number of reasons that the sound of ocean waves is so calming. These include: it gives our brains a chance to rest, we have a natural affiliation to water, It makes us feel more connected to ourselves and it can induce a meditative type state.

Helps the Brain to Rest

In our everyday experience we are bombarded with different sounds and technology stimulation. Our brains have to process this information all of the time. Listening to the sounds of waves whilst relaxing gives our brains the chance to change its focus. It is a simplistic sound to process giving it a break. This promotes a sense of calm whilst still being focused.

We have a natural affinity to water

Out affinity to water is shown in a number of ways. We choose a beach holiday for relaxation, fun and recharging. There is a universal attraction to the colour blue and we associate it with the qualities of calmness, openness and wisdom. When we are experience nature in all its beauty and power we can experience a sense of awe. The vastness of nature and our experience of it can give us a sense of being part of something bigger. This helps us to feel connected to nature, to others as well as our own bodies. A common complaint amongst tinnitus sufferers is feeling disconnected. Feeling connected is important for us as human beings. Listening and experiencing nature can help with this sense of disconnection.

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