Rain Calm Download


  • 1 Hour Long
  • Used for relaxation
  • Used to destress
  • Used as a distraction away from tinnitus

Preview Track


This rain sounds download last for one hour. It is more calming than our rain poring or rain storm downloads. It can be likened to pink or grey noise in terms of the frequency that it is heard at. Listening to a consistent calm rain sound can invoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

Benefits of this rain sounds download


 Listening to a calm rain sound tells your body that it is safe and invites it to relax. It centres the mind and calms the body. It helps our nervous system relax by engaging its parasympathetic arm. It causes the body to think that it needs to rest and digest rather than take action. Having an external focus can be good for relaxation as well as for distracting attention away from tinnitus.

 Sleep Benefits

Sleep helps the body to reset reenergise. Getting a good night’s sleep helps with our ability to handle stress and deal with life’s difficulties. Listening to a nature sound can help you relax before and during sleep. Using a constant noise can help to mask sounds from inside and outside the home to help stop you waking up in the middle of the night. It can be difficult to get back to sleep if you have tinnitus and this calm rain download can help with this difficulty.

Tinnitus Benefits

Listening to rain sounds can form part of tinnitus sound therapy or sound enrichment. Using a nature sound that is similar to white noise or tinnitus can be used for tinnitus masking. This helps distract and cover up the sound of tinnitus when you want to relax.

Alternative sounds

If you like the noise of calm rain you might like our pink and grey download options.


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