What sounds help with tinnitus?

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There are a number of sounds which can help with tinnitus. Tinnitus describes a noise experienced in the ear which is not attributable to an external sound source. Tinnitus might be experienced as ringing, whirring, clicking or any other acoustical sound. Experiencing unwanted auditory sounds can be difficult to live with or even traumatic. For this reason, one port of call can be listening to other sounds to help mask the unwanted tinnitus sound. There are a number of sounds which can help with tinnitus. These include:

  • Background ambient sound
  • Radio sounds – anything that gives you something to concentrate on
  • Different types of coloured noise
  • Nature sounds

The experience of tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss although some people experience tinnitus with no hearing loss. If we have some hearing loss we can become more aware of the internal workings of the ear and if our hearing function is starving for input tinnitus can manifest. It can be helpful to maximise background noise levels by using a hearing aid or making sure our hearing function is not being impeded by ear wax or other medical difficulties which effect our hearing function. Giving ourselves the best opportunity to be able to hear properly can help to reduce the intrusively of tinnitus symptoms.

Coloured noise

Noises which are named by the different colours can also be sounds which help with tinnitus. We have all heard of white noise which is often used to calm crying babies. White noise is also used to help people relax if they are experiencing problematic or intrusive tinnitus. There are other types of coloured noise which can positively impact tinnitus. These are: pink noise, grey noise or brown noise. They all have their own unique tone which can have relaxation benefits.

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Nature sounds

Nature sounds can also have a positive impact on tinnitus. Nature sounds might include rain pouring, the sound of a stream, ocean waves, waterfall sounds, the sound of crickets or a combination of white noise and nature sounds. Some people experience tinnitus as a result of excess stress or trauma. This can change the way we hear so that we listen out more acutely. This can make us more aware of the internal workings of the ear which can manifest as tinnitus. Being in nature or experiencing sounds from nature can help to calm our nervous systems and help us listen less acutely therefore reducing tinnitus symptoms.

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Sound with content

If we are experiencing tinnitus symptoms experiencing a sound like white noise which is boring can enable our hearing function to rest at a particular level making tinnitus less noticeable. However another strategy in tinnitus management is experiencing tinnitus in the background in a relaxed way whilst we are concentrating on something else. Some of my clients have described having something on in the background which their mind’s can concentrate on takes their attention away from tinnitus and helps them to relax.

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