Tinnitus Hearing Aids

tinnitus masker

Tinnitus is a word which describes a noise in the ear or ears which is not caused by an external sound source. Tinnitus symptoms might include ringing, whirring, clicking or pulsing sounds.

Help for tinnitus symptoms can be achieved by tinnitus masking. This can make tinnitus symptoms less intrusive.

Tinnitus hearing aids covers a number of different tinnitus devices worn to provide tinnitus relief.

There are three main categories of tinnitus hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids work by using a microphone, amplifier and speaker. Sounds received through the microphone are amplified and sent to the ear through the speaker.

This simple process can help with tinnitus because it raises the ambient background levels of noise you hear. This on its own can help mask tinnitus symptoms. If you are hearing higher levels of external sounds you are less likely to focus or hear your tinnitus.

Tinnitus Maskers

Tinnitus maskers can be classed as a tinnitus hearing aid because they are used to provide tinnitus relief through tinnitus masking. Tinnitus masking describes the process of covering over a tinnitus sound with another more pleasant sound.

There are three main categories of tinnitus masker.

Ear Canal

tinnitus masker

This type of tinnitus masker sits inside the ear canal for discrete relief

tinnitus masker

Behind the Ear

tinnitus hearing aid

This type of tinnitus masker sits behined the ear with a tube directed into the ear



tinnitus masker

This type of masker sits in the outer helix part of the ear.

tinnitus masker

Combination Devices

Combination devices provide a combination of white noise to provide tinnitus relief as well as helping to improve hearing function to raise background noise levels.

What Types of Device Is Best For Me?

Different devices are suitable for different people. If you have a low level of hearing loss a tinnitus masker might be the most suitable option. They are relatively cheap in comparison to hearing aids or combination devices. They are also simple and consistent and less likely to go wrong.

If you have high levels of hearing loss you might want to consider a hearing aid or combination device as your go to tinnitus relief product.

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