What Is White Noise?

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White noise is sound which consists of all of the sound frequencies which are audible to the human ear. It is called white noise because a comparison is made to white light which contains all of the colours of the light spectrum.

It is made up of 20,000 different tones between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

Although white noise consists of all of the different sound frequencies when we hear, our brain amplifies or prioritises higher pitched frequencies making them sound louder than lower pitched frequencies.

This is why we hear white noise at a higher pitch than what the actual sound is. It might be compared to hearing a group of people talking in a room. It is difficult to pick out individual voices so we hear the noise as a blurred noise.

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White noise is used as a sleep aid for a number of different groups. These might include babies, tinnitus sufferers and people who need some much needed shut eye who live in noisy neighbourhoods.

Baby's benefit from white noise because it provides noise when a baby is sleeping. The world be very quiet in comparison to the noisy womb.

Tinnitus sufferers might experience worse tinnitus symptoms at night due to low levels of background noise. Minimal stimulation from our senses and our instinctual nature to sense danger can put a greater focus on our hearing. Many tinnitus sufferers have a nervous system which is overactive causing them to hear more acutely.

White noise provides a focus for our hearing and helps to switch to a place of relaxation as well as providing a more soothing sound than the tinnitus.

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What are the Benefits of White Noise?

  • It can be used as a complete masking option to cover over the sound of tinnitus.
  • It can be used as a partial masking option so that you can still hear the tinnitus but with a relaxing backdrop. This can sometimes help you habituate to tinnitus because the tinnitus stimulus becomes less scary.
  • It helps with relaxation to distract attention away from the tinnitus.
  • It can help tinnitus sufferers sleep when in quiet environments and tinnitus symptoms seem worse.
  • Babies can find that the world is very quiet compared to the sounds of the womb. White noise can help babies sleep as it provides a calm tranquil background noise.
  • Helps you to concentrate
  • Increases productivity

Other Types of Coloured Noise

Although white noise is the go to option for many to provide tinnitus relief there are also a number of types of coloured noise. Other types of coloured noise includes pink noise, grey noise and brown noise. Each type has a different pitch. We have a selection of coloured noise and nature sounds which you can purchase. Tinnitus Relief Downloads.

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