What Is A Tinnitus Masker?

tinnitus masker

A tinnitus masker is a product which is used to provide tinnitus relief. A tinnitus masker emits a white noise sound in order to mask or cover the sound of tinnitus. White noise, sounds like air being released from a compressed container. We call this tinnitus masking. You can listen to an example of this type of sound on our White Noise Downloads Page.

Tinnitus masking describes the process of covering the sound of tinnitus with a more pleasant synthetic sound. Complete tinnitus masking describes completely covering the sound of tinnitus and partial tinnitus masking means only partially covering tinnitus so that you can still hear tinnitus. Partial tinnitus masking is sometimes used as part of tinnitus retraining therapy and complete tinnitus masking may form part of a tinnitus sound therapy solution.

A tinnitus masker can be worn on the outside of the ear or inserted into the ear canal for discretion and everyday use. Our MM6 tinnitus masker is worn just under the helix of the ear.

There are a variety of tinnitus masking devices to help with tinnitus. They include behind the ear tinnitus maskers and ear canal tinnitus maskers.

Symptoms of tinntitus vary from person to person. Tinnitus can be experienced as humming ears, constant ringing ears or more sporadically. The noise of the tinnitus can change depending on posture or levels of stress. It might be experienced as tinnitus in one ear or tinnitus in both ears. One of the most common types of tinnitus noise experienced is high pitched ringing in the ears. White noise is heard at a higher frequeuncy than other types of coloured noise making it ideal for masking a high pitched tinnitus ringing sound.

high pitched This is why white noise provides a great tinnitus masking option for tinnitus relief. The human ear, hears the higher frequencies of white noise which makes it more suitable for covering up a high-pitched ringing sound.

Tinnitus masking is used for relaxation purposes as well as tinnitus retraining therapy. Tinnitus retraining therapy might utilise tinnitus masking to help change a negatively perceived tinnitus stimulus into a more neutral sound. The goal for tinnitus retraining therapy is tinnitus habituation. If you are unable to achieve this through relaxation and other therapeutic methods using a white noise masker is the most effective, safe and constructive way to provide tinnitus relief. .

Tinnitus is often experienced in conjunction with another difficulty or underlying problem. Examples of these might include stress, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder if the tinnitus started as a result of an accident. Tinnitus masking can form a restbite whilst you ressolve some of the other underlying causes of tinnitus or conditions caused by tinnitus.

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