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It is important when choosing a white noise tinnitus masker to find a solution that is right for you. You may have different priorities when making a decision including efficiency, comfort or discreteness. All of our products are quality products which makes them efficient and fit for purpose. There are three main types of tinnitus masker which can be used as part of your tinnitus solution. These include a behind the ear tinnitus maker, an ear canal masker and an outer ear tinnitus masker. If you have a question regarding a product choice please email us at contact@tinnitushearingsolutions.com

Behind The Ear Tinnitus Masker

A behind the ear tinnitus masker is the most comfortable option if you are looking for a masking solution. They have an adjustable white noise volume control which can be accessed whilst wearing the tinnitus masker. They are comfortable to wear in bed which can be a difficult time for tinnitus sufferers. The standard 22 MA is more comfortable than other options because it fits behind the ear and if it is used on its own there is no pressure placed on the front of the ear when you are lying on the side of your head. These products are perfect for home use if you only have a minimal amount of hearing loss and only use your tinnitus masker occasionally when you are having a bad day or if you use it in a strategic way when symptoms become over whelming. These products are compatible with battery type 675.

Ear Canal Tinnitus Masker

The second tinnitus masker option is a tinnitus masker which sits inside the ear canal. These are more suited wearing when you are out and about and would like a more discrete solution. The levels decibel level of noise os preset depending on your level of hearing loss. Ear canal tinnitus maskers come in generic fit shapes and sizes. They are vented to allow external sound to pass into the ear in a normal way which is important to allow you to hear normally. It also has an easy to replace battery compartment. These products are compatible with battery size 10.

Outer Ear Tinnitus Masker


The third option you can try is an outer ear tinnitus masker. It sits under the helix of the ear and the white noise is projected into the ear without a mould. The decibel level is pre programmed depending on your level of hearing loss. This is a very popular option because the outer ear option reaches a healthy compromise between comfort and discreteness. These products are compatible with battery type 10.

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