Can Tinnitus Be Cured

One of the first questions that is asked by someone experiencing tinnitus is: can tinnitus be cured? The simple answer is yes in most cases. This article explores some of the influencing factors regarding getting better from tinnitus and whether tinnitus can be cured? Tinnitus can be helped or cured with a number of different approaches and strategies which might involve medical treatment, professional psychological help, somatic therapy and making practical life changes, all of which can assist with tinnitus recovery.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of tinnitus difficulties a number of different practitioners might be involved in the recovery process. This makes treatment sometimes seem a little disjointed. Many of our clients have tried one approach on a short-term basis without being aware of what their extended treatment or therapy options are. Recovering from tinnitus requires time and patience often with an integrated approach.

Influencing factors on finding a tinnitus cure

One of the influencing factors in relation to tinnitus symptoms can be what caused them in the first place? It is not clear what causes tinnitus symptoms. Although tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss in many cases tinnitus manifests in people with no hearing loss. Some of the factors which might explain this is the role of the nervous system, trauma, stress levels and personal circumstances. Every person’s experience of tinnitus is slightly different as are their personal circumstances. Therefore, the approach in relation to their recovery may also be different.

Can tinnitus be cured with medical intervention?

In some cases, medical intervention can cure tinnitus. For example, if tinnitus is being caused by jaw problems realigning the jaw can dissipate symptoms. If tinnitus is caused by ear wax build using ear suction to remove the ear wax can alleviate symptoms. So, in some cases there is a relatively easy solution to tinnitus symptoms. In other cases, there is no obvious cause of tinnitus symptoms. There is currently no medication which directly cures tinnitus symptoms. However, it is important to note that just because there is not a medical cure for tinnitus does not mean that there is not a tinnitus cure.

Can tinnitus be cured by therapy?

Tinnitus retraining therapy is the mainstream intervention used for tinnitus. The content of tinnitus retraining therapy can differ depending on the practitioner being consulted. It should take place over a period of twelve months. Tinnitus retraining therapy might use a combination of psychological therapy and sound therapy. Psychological therapy includes the use of cognitive behavioural therapy to change a negative cognitive reaction to tinnitus into a measured neutral response. Sound therapy may be used to partially mask tinnitus symptoms in order to help promote relaxation and tinnitus habituation. Tinnitus habituation means that you are no longer aware of a tinnitus sound.

The aim of tinnitus retraining therapy is tinnitus habituation. This means that a person may still have tinnitus but is no longer aware of it. This therapy is a tinnitus cure if it is carried out over a mid-term basis with the right support and associated underlying difficulties are also dealt with.

One of the reasons why tinnitus retraining therapy might not work is because of associated unprocessed trauma. It is also important to have a somatic approach as well as a psychological one. If someone’s nervous system is in override as a result of trauma or tinnitus symptoms this needs to be assisted with body therapy prior to psychological therapy is used. It doesn’t matter how much positive thinking you do you can’t override a 200,000-year-old nervous system. In order to achieve this a somatic approach is needed.

Alternative tinnitus therapy cures

Useful alternative tinnitus cures include acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and now EMDR therapy. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine which uses needles alleviate disruptions to energy flow in the body. Very helpful for stress and associated tinnitus conditions.

If tinnitus is caused by stress or habituation is being impeded by a fight or flight response cranio-sacral therapy can calm the system down. This can have an immediate impact of negative symptoms and in many cases see a cessation in symptoms altogether.

Eye movement Desensitization & Retraining Therapy, EMDR, is the leading evidence-based treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. It is also used for anxiety and phobias. Studies have now been carried out into whether or not it could help tinnitus sufferers. Initial findings are positive, and we are currently pioneering EMDR for tinnitus treatment.

Can tinnitus be cured conclusions?

Everybody’s circumstances are different in relation to tinnitus as is finding a tinnitus cure or solution that is right for you. It is unhelpful to consider yourself as having tinnitus. This statement leaves little room for change. Changing this statement to: I am experiencing tinnitus symptoms at the moment because I am, stressed, for example is much more helpful. Tinnitus is not black or white and it is not as simple to say I have it or I don’t have it. The phraseology we use is very important in relation to finding a tinnitus solution. Tinnitus symptoms can get better with the right help.

Comprehensive, well administered, mid-term tinnitus retraining therapy which takes into account all influencing factors in relation to a person’s tinnitus experience can be very successful. Alternative therapies can definitely play a role in helping you get better from tinnitus.

It is definitely possible to change problematic tinnitus to tinnitus and habituate to it. In some cases therapies can reduce and result in a complete cessation of tinnitus symptoms. It is therefore possible to find a tinnitus cure that is suitable for you.

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