Peltor Optime III Headphones


Protect your hearing in noisy environments. These headphones are the ultimate in comfort and noise cancelling design. High levels of noise, even in the short term, can lead to hearing loss and eventually tinnitus. These headphones will reduce noise, on average, by 35dB.

Protect your hearing and look stylish at the same time.

  • Headband designed for comfort and to maximise noise reduction
  • Double casing to minimise resonance
  • Reduces high and low frequency sound
  • Easy to replace parts for cleanliness
  • Noise reduction average is 35dB




The Peltor Optime III ear protection ear muffs protect your hearing in noisy environments.

Listening to noise at high levels in the short or long term can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss is the leading cause of tinnitus. These ear protection ear muffs provide protection against high and low frequency noise.

Situational Uses

  • Used for shooting
  • Motor racing
  • Construction
  • Working at the airport
  • Power stations
  • Engine rooms
  • Print works


  • Generic fit one size
  • Noise reduction average is 35dB
  • Modern, stylish slim line cup design
  • The High attenuation rating of these ear protection ear muffs provides additional protection against low frequency noise.
  • Double casing reduces the resonance effect of noise at high frequencies
  • The ear muff cushions have inserts and cushions which are easy to replace for good hygiene.
  • The sealed ear muff rings are filled with liquid for improved comfort.
  • The cushions are soft and wide which helps keep pressure off your ears and provides maximum comfort.
  • Low profile headband helps to keep the ear muffs tightly applied to your head for maximum noise protection
  • Ear cups are spacious which helps to reduce moisture and heat build up
  • These ear muffs have been designed with scientific principles in mind to ensure they offer optimum noise protection.


372 grams



What is High Attenuation?

Attenuation is a term which refers to the reduction in strength of a signal. These ear protection ear muffs provide a high level of attenuation up to 35dB for noise protection.

Tinnitus benefits

The leading cause of tinnitus is sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing loss occurs naturally as we get older. Protecting your hearing will help to prevent noise damage and reduce the likelihood of getting tinnitus. Although sensorineural hearing loss can be caused by a one of loud noise it is more commonly associated with exposure to high noise levels over a period of time. If you work in the construction industry or carry out a manual job where you are exposed to loud noise on a regular basis your hearing is at risk. Wear these Peltor Optime III ear protection ear muffs for peace of mind and hearing protection. Our ER20 reusable ear plugs might also be helpful  to you.

Legal Disclaimer

If the Peltor Optime III ear muffs are being used for work, they should be used with the guidance of occupational health and in accordance with company health and safety policy.  Always seek professional guidance from your doctor or healthcare professional before being exposed to noisy environments whether it is for work or for recreational purposes. Please read and follow the instructions which accompany your Peltor Optime III ear muffs carefully. They will offer instructions, guidance and limitations of the product. M & J Therapy Services accepts no liability in relation to the use of this product, damage incurred by the improper use of this product.

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