Disposable Ear Plugs x 200


  • Box of 200 pairs
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Hypo-allergenic foam
  • Slow recovery foam
  • Tapered design for a comfortable fit
  • Smooth for ear canal comfort



These foam ear plugs provide noise reduction for noisy environments. They are disposable ear plugs so are designed for single use. They are ideal for using in bed, when working in noisy environments or travelling.

Fitting and Removal

  • Clean and dry your hands
  • Roll the foam ear plug between your forefinger and thumb so that it is compressed into a thin crease free cylinder.
  • Insert the foam ear plugs into the ear when it is still compressed.
  • It can help with fitting if you gently pull the outer ear up and out when inserting the ear plug.
  • Ease the ear plug, gently and slowly out of the ear when removing it.


  • Use once and discard
  • Store in original packaging
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Can be adversely affected by chemicals in creams and hand lotions
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Read all instructions provided with this product

Tinnitus and hearing protection?

Using disposable foam ear plugs can help to protect your hearing from noise exposure. As we get older our ability to hear depreciates whether we are exposed to noise at high levels or not. Protecting your hearing will help preserve it for as long as possible.

Tinnitus has a number of different causes. The leading cause of tinnitus is sensorineural hearing loss. Protecting your hearing can help reduce the likelihood of having tinnitus. If you already have tinnitus caused by tinnitus it is still important to protect your hearing because further loss of hearing can exasperate tinnitus symptoms. This is because wit further hearing loss the level of environmental background noise is also reduced. Therefore keep protecting your hearing.

Always use hearing protection when in any noisy environment. These ear plugs can be used as a sleep aid if you are travelling or sleep with a snorer. Because these disposable foam ear plugs are only used once they are also ideal if you work in a noisy dusty construction environment. Using a fresh pair of earplugs help you to maintain good health hygiene for your ears.

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