Tinnitus sound therapy covers a wide variety of different ways sound can be used to mask tinnitus. Tinnitus sound therapy can be used to mask tinnitus for relaxation purposes or be used as part of tinnitus retraining therapy. Tinnitus sound therapy as part of tinnitus retraining therapy uses a focused approach to masking tinnitus to change a negative response to tinnitus into a neutral one.

Tinnitus sound therapy has its place in tinnitus management and can provide a much needed restbite from tinnitus symptoms. Complete tinnitus masking might provide tinnitus relief and partial masking might form mart of tinnitus retraining therapy. The goal for tinnitus retraining therapy is tinnitus habituation.

Tinnitus is experienced as ear ringing, ears buzzing or in one ear or both. It can manifest as one noise or several and can change in character and volume depending on what you are doing regarding stresss levels and posture. Utilising sound as a way to destress and mask symptoms can provide a temporary, medium or long term solution for tinnitus symptoms. Distracting attention away from tinnitus by way of music you love or a more neutral sound can be beneficial.

Types of sound enrichment

  • MP3 download or CD
  • Bedside sound machine
  • Wearable white noise masker
  • Natural sounds in the environment
  • Hearing aid

MP3 downloads

An MP3 download is a great way to listen to your chosen sounds when you are on the go. You can download them from us and the listen to them on your MP3 player, iPod or mobile device. We have a choice of white noise downloads, nature sounds and relaxing music.

Tinnitus white noise machine

A tinnitus white noise machine is ideal if you have difficulty sleeping with tinnitus. You can listen to nature sounds or white noise in bed through headphones or through speakers. Most of our products come with an alarm clock and some have a radio also. Many of our products also have a timer option so that you can time your bedside machine to turn off after you have gone to sleep.

Tinnitus maskers

A white noise masker can be worn at home and on the move. It can form part of your tinnitus retraining therapy or be used as a complete masker. Please see below. We have a number of different tinnitus masker options. These include behind the ear maskers, ear canal tinnitus maskers and outer ear tinnitus maskers. We have provided you with a buying guide.

Natural Sounds

Increasing exposure to natural sounds from the environment can help to reduce tinnitus symptoms. Taking a walk in nature os very relaxing. Exposing yourself and becoming more aware of natural sounds helps to distract you away from tinnitus. Opening a window at night can provide more background noise to help you sleep.

Hearing Aid

If you have significant hearing loss the level of background noise is greatly reduced which can amplify the perception of tinnitus. Wearing a hearing aid to increase this background noise can reduce the intrusively of tinnitus.

Complete Tinnitus Masking

Tinnitus is often perceived as being louder at night and can become more intrusive. This is because of the quiet environment and lack of other stimulation usually present during the day. Middle of the night thinking can be coloured by worry and negative thinking whether you suffer from tinnitus or not. It is therefore a time when tinnitus can be fixated on. Cue sound therapy to help you sleep and relax. Using a complete masker can help you to get those much needed zzz's or listening to a relaxing download can form part of a bedtime wind down ritual.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy uses a number of techniques including partial tinnitus masking to help promote what is called tinnitus habituation. This means that you still have tinnitus but are no longer ware of it. This occurs when partial masking is used, allowing you to hear the sound of the tinnitus as well as the masking sound. This helps change the perceived negative tinnitus stimulus into a more neutral sound therefore changing your relationship with your tinnitus. Using a white noise masker is ideal for tinnitus retraining therapy and partial masking. It is worth noting that using a white noise masker for complete masking can make the perception of tinnitus seem temporarily worse when it is taken off and does not help with tinnitus habituation. 



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