Ear Ringing Causes

Ear Ringing Causes Copy

Ear ringing is more commonly known as tinnitus. There are a number of main causes of ear ringing which might be related to a medical problem, a psychological difficulty or physical trauma.

Medical Causes of Ringing Ears

Hearing loss is the number one contributor to the experience of tinnitus. Hearing loss can be caused by prolonged excessive noise exposure, physical trauma and is a natural part of getting older. Hearing loss can also be caused by a loss of conduction in the ear canal caused by ear wax build up.

Medical complaints which can cause tinnitus include Labyrinthitis, Otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, Anaemia, Blood vessel disorders, Acoustic neuroma, Perforated Ear Drum or Glue ear. Tinnitus symptoms can manifest following surgery medical procedure like ear syringing or major dentistry. There are also a number of medications which can cause tinnitus.

Physical Trauma

Tinnitus can be caused by physical trauma. Physical trauma to the head, neck or jawbone can cause tinnitus symptoms. Trauma in these areas can damage bones and nerves near to the ear causing tinnitus. Physical trauma might be caused by a physical assault, a sporting injury or an accident or fall at home. If physical trauma is sustained in an attack psychological trauma can also impede the way to tinnitus recovery.

Psychological Difficulty

Tinnitus symptoms can manifest when anything in life feels overwhelming, overstimulation, over-tiredness, lack of support, long term worry, too much change, great fear or intense anger. Prolonged periods of stress might include difficulties at work, losing a job, stress from moving house, or stress from interpersonal relationships.

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