Help for tinnitus may require a number of different healthcare professionals. This blog post outlines some helpful therapies and treatments for tinnitus. Finding help for tinnitus usually starts with a medical and audiological approach followed by tinnitus therapy. This approach is important and necessary to rule out an underlying medical complaint and to get a hearing test. At this point tinnitus symptoms may still persist and fear can set in with regard to intrusive tinnitus symptoms.

Sometimes a medical cure is not possible and audiological intervention or technological assistance does not go far enough to provide a tinnitus solution. At this point tinnitus therapy can provide some support and an alternative solution.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy is the most widely available tinnitus treatment or tinnitus therapy available. This type of tinnitus therapy might use a combination approach which is comprised of cognitive behavioural therapy and sound therapy. The aim of tinnitus retraining therapy is to reduce the negative reaction to tinnitus which paves the way to tinnitus habituation. This means that somebody might still have tinnitus they are no longer aware of it. Tinnitus retraining therapy is available in London and Hertfordshire from The Trauma Practice.

There also a number of other therapies which are designed to help a number of different difficulties they can also be a benefit to a tinnitus sufferer.

Tinnitus Counselling and Psychotherapy

Getting psychological help for tinnitus is paramount if a person is struggling to deal with tinnitus symptoms. One of the difficulties in relation to recovering from tinnitus is a tendency to concentrate on the tinnitus itself rather than what caused the ringing in the first place and changing the emotional response to it. Counselling can provide some emotional support and psychotherapy can assist with coping mechanisms, building resources to move into tinnitus recovery and help with reducing the stress surrounding tinnitus. Psychotherapy is available from The Trauma Practice in London.

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy is a very gentle form of osteopathy which can help with a number of tinnitus causes. Causes might include restricted temporal bones, nerve compression, vascular disturbance, congestion in the ear, teeth clenching, TMJ dysfunction and stress factors. Alleviating pressure in these areas can help with tinnitus. One main cause of tinnitus is physical trauma to the skull and neck and cranio-sacral therapy can help with these also. Cranio-sacral therapy for tinnitus also works directly with the nervous system to help reduce stress and calm the system down. This can reduce and stop tinnitus.

Eye Movement & Desensitisation Retraining Therapy for Tinnitus

Eye Movement & Desensitisation Retraining Therapy was originally designed to provide treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, however it is now used for PTSD, anxiety, phobias and tinnitus. If tinnitus is caused by a traumatic incident it is necessary to process the trauma before tinnitus therapy. Being affected by trauma limits a person’s ability to move towards tinnitus habituation. EMDR can help brain and the body process trauma therefore paving the way to tinnitus recovery. EMDR is now being pioneered as a possible treatment for tinnitus itself. EMDR for Tinnitus is available from The Trauma Practice.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

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