Light and sound machine


  • 12 preinstalled ambient sessions for relaxation
  • 10 preinstalled session for mental training
  • Specifically designed all colour ganzfeld goggles
  • Intuitive menu control
  • Editor software
  • MP3 player
  • Expandable memory (SD card)
  • USB interface
  • Top quality protective casing
  • All technical attributes leave nothing to be desired
  • Volume control
  • Light level & burst control


The Laxman light and sound machine was developed as an audiovisual system for modern stress management, efficient meditation training and for sleeping disorders. The clinically tested effects combine light and sound to match different brain frequencies to either help you relax, sleep or concentrate.

How the Laxman works                    

Our brains oscillate at various frequencies, which are made visible by EEG measurements. Electrons moving through nerve tracts generates a measurable electrical field. Different frequency ranges are directly connected to different states of consciousness and physical processes.

We can affect these conscious states and physical processes by applying different frequencies to the body. The Laxman applies these frequencies by way of light and sound. When we hear the music and watch the pulsing lights our brains duplicate the frequency perceived by our organs. This process is called ‘frequency following response’. When we do this we can induce a mental state for relaxation, sleep or learning. This light and sound machine achieves this by using alpha, beta or theta waves.


Laxman preview video

Laxman preinstalled sessions

The pre-installed programs on the Laxman work on different aspects of the brain to relax and fulfill our potential. Examples include: deep relaxation, sleep disorders, burnout prevention, support for ADHD treatment or learning.

Preinstalled sessions

AcrossAlpha Classic focus
CountrysideSport Mental
Deep relaxCreative
ChantingPost learn

Light and sound machine features

  • Versatility means you can use it anywhere
  • Multimedia device so you can install your own tracks
  • It comes with a carry case for protection
  • The ganzfeld goggles can display all of the colours of the rainbow which is unique to this machine
  • Mind machine for relaxation, sleep and learning
  • The Laxman is the only light and sound relaxation system that allows you to add neurologically effective visual structures to your own music tracks and to carry light and sound in one single device.
  • You can use the MP3 player to create your own personal sessions and enjoy your own music with a visual and sensual experience.

Laxman light and sound machine benefits

  • Stress relief and stress management
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Calms you down before sleeping
  • It provides a break from your tinnitus
  • Burnout prevention

A study conducted in Charité, Berlin looked at the benefits of using the Laxman. They found a 14% improvement in concentration and a 20% improvement in relaxation. The study found these results after 3 weeks of application. Our studies into using the Laxman for relaxation found positive result after just one session.

Gadget Show Demonstration Video

Included with this light and sound machine

    • User guide
    • MP3 Laxman Unit
    • Attachable all light spectrum goggles
    • Carry case for protection when travelling
    • Laxman Dust Cleaner

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