If you are new to Tinnitus Products you might need some extra help regarding choosing a tinnitus masking device. We offer affordable tinnitus masking devices which include White Noise Machines, Tinnitus Maskers and Tinnitus Relief Downloads.

Tinnitus masking devices are helpful if you are trying to relax and take some time out or trying to sleep. They also provide relaxation for babies or assist people without tinnitus to reach a place of calm and relaxation.

We have provided some information on our three main product categories to help you make an informed decision on what product is right for you.

tinnitus masker


Wearable Tinnitus Maskers are the most direct way of managing tinnitus symptoms. They can be worn all of the time providing round the clock relief from tinnitus symptoms. Most maskers are comfortable to wear in bed and provide a smooth stream of white noise to help you get to sleep. These products are particularly helpful at the early onset of tinnitus and are helpful if you are unable to manage tinnitus symptoms during the day or night without white noise. Many of these products have volume control so they can be used for partial masking to aid tinnitus habituation or complete masking to for tinnitus relief.


White Noise Machines are the product of choice for people managing tinnitus symptoms. White Noise Machines make a number of different sounds which include: white noise and nature sounds. These types of products are ideal if you are ok managing tinnitus symptoms during the day and want to take the edge off a quiet environment in the evening or at night. They are also very cost effective and can sit on your bedside table as many double up as an alarm clock.

Sound Oasis V3
White Noise Downloads V2


Tinnitus relief downloads are great if you are usually able to manage tinnitus symptoms. They are a great resource if you are just having a bad day and want to dip into a relaxation space at lunch time or on the journey home from work. We have a wide selection of white noise, pink noise, brown noise, grey noise and nature sounds.

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