EMDR For Tinnitus

EMDR for tinnitus is a newly tested approach to helping people suffering from tinnitus. Experiencing tinnitus can be scary and traumatising. It is important to find the right help and support in order to manage tinnitus. Tinnitus help might come in the form or medical or therapeutic intervention. Practitioner who can help include, audiologists, general practitioners, ENDR consultant, tinnitus counsellor, tinnitus retraining therapist, cranio-sacral therapist, psychotherapist or EMDR practitioner. EMDR can form part of a tinitus management strategy

What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy. It works by way of adaptive information processing. We link up orphaned, trauma networks to other parts of the brain, create new neural networks and bolster already existing helpful ones.

When we carry out EMDR we use a number of strict protocols to help you process a trauma. We use billateral stimulation to help with this. Billateal stimulation is in the form of eye movements, auitoey beats, and body tapps or buzzers.

EMDR is traditionaly used to help with trauma but can also help with trauma associated tinnitus, this is trauma which caused tinnitus. Examples might include pysical attack, overwhelming stress or medical procedure.

EMDR can also help with trauma caused by a tinnitus trigger which is experienced as triggering and negative. Trauma caused by the experience of problematic tinnitus occurs in the mind and the body. 80% of people with tinnitus do not suffer from it whilst 20% do suffer and are experiencing problematic tinnitus.

EMDR can help you get to a point where you no longer react psychologically or somatically to tinnitus. This is a crucial step towards tinnitus habituation and is where EMDR for tinnitus is very helpful.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy For Tinnitus

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EMDR Can Help With

Trauma Associated Tinnitus

Process historical trauma which may have caused tinnitus. e.g. medical procedure, attack, abuse.


Helps you to feel better resourced in relation to stress in life and problematic tinnitus. 

Trauma Reaction

Process trauma you might be experiencing as a result of experiencing tinnitus. 

Nervous System

EMDR helps to calm the nervous system helping you to stay calm whilst experiencing tinnitus. 


Elliviate post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms associated with tinnitus 

Tinnitus Trigger

EMDR helps you to reprogram a negative tinnitus trigger to a neutral response.  

Study Showing the Efficacy of EMDR for Tinnitus

A study was carried out in 2019 which treated patients at Norfolk University Hospital NHS foundation Trust. This is a summary of its conclusions.


Tinnitus Symptoms Reduction

Study Conclusions: This study has demonstrated that the provision of tEMDR has resulted in a clinically and statistically significant improvement in tinnitus symptoms in the majority of those participants who took part. Furthermore, the treatment effect was maintained at 6 months after treatment ceased. This study is of particular interest, as the study protocol was designed to be purposefully inclusive of a diverse range of tinnitus patients. However, as a small uncontrolled study, these results do not consider the significant effects of placebo and therapist interaction. Larger high-quality studies are essential for the verification of these preliminary results.

PDF showing the full study details. 2019 UK Tinnitus Research © 2019 The American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society, Inc.


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EMDR Therapist

Matthew Alderton - MA, BSC, Dip Dip Psych
I am qualified counsellor, psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner. I appreciate how difficult tinnitus can sometimes be. I I use a number of different approaches to help with tinnitus management for tinnitus habituation. These might include somatic work, psychotherapy, tinnitus counselling, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy, tinitus retraining therapy and practical advice. 

I am approchable and friendly. I offer a professional approach to tinnitus and look forward to hearing from you.  

How Does An EMDR Therapy Session For Tinnitus Work?

EMDR is a somatic psychotherapy. Preliminary sessions begin with an assessment and relationship building to help form a strong therapeutic bond. There might be aspects of psychotherapy which can help you to start to change your relationship with tinnitus as well as practical help. We might also sign post you to other healthcare professionals who can help alongside EMDR and psychotherapy.

EMDR for tinnitus will have a past, present and future focus. We may help you to process traumatic difficulties related to tinnitus or not related to tinnitus from the past as well as looking at current and future perceived difficulties.

EMDR Therapy For Tinnitus FAQ

How long will EMDR for tinnitus last?

EMDR therapy lasts for different lengths of time depending on the individual. For some people a one off trauma can usually be processed over a few sessions. If trauma is more complex or more severe or there are additional difficulties which need to be worked with in a psychotherapeutic way treatment takes longer.

How long will the positive effects of EMDR last for?

Providing you have completed EMDR therapy and processed all of your difficulties EMDR benefits will be long lasting. If you leave EMDR treatment early the positive affects can decrease post six months following treatment.

Are there any negative side effects from EMDR therapy?

EMDR is a non-intrusive therapy. Side effects can include temporary increased emotions, more vivid dreams and possible awakening of suppressed memories. These affects are usually short term and the long term affects are positive and help restore you to homeostasis.

EMDR For Tinnitus Benefits

Tinnitus trigger

No longer feel triggered by your tinnitus and move into the group of people who might have tinnitus but are not disturbed by it. 

Feel happier

Start to feel like your old self again, feel happier and regain control of your life.

Tinnitus habituation

Remove tinnitus habituation trauma blocks to move nearer to tinnitus habituation. 

Tinnitus cessation

When we remove the trauma from a situation is helps tinnitus to back off, symptoms reduce  and we are less bothered by it. 

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